John Haines works with your organization to sharpen plans, identify and obtain financial support for businesses and workers, strengthen stakeholder collaborations, and build local capacity for future efforts.

>> Assess economic environment: SWOT Analysis

>> Evaluate economic stimulus plan: Gap analysis

  • Identify and include stakeholders
  • Develop governance structures
  • Provide dispute resolution mechanisms
  • Ingredients for workers – skill training, income support, access to credit, affordable health care, housing counseling, entrepreneurship training, tax preparation, fresh food and nutrition
  • Ingredients for businesses – labor subsidies, access to credit, customer contracting preferences, business planning, marketing assistance
  • Priority lines of action minus available and committed funding equals funding gap(s)

>> Harness Existing Financial Assets

  • Improve servicing and collections of existing loans
  • Sell individual loans or securitize income streams
  • Refinance or sell real estate and capital equipment

>> Utilize Grants, Loans, Loan Guarantees, Tax Incentives

  • Identify assistance programs
  • Recommend applicable assistance program(s)

>> Direct/Coordinate funding application process

  • Define grant/loan activities and milestones
  • Respond to application requirements

>> Implement Public/Private partnerships

  • Organizational structure
  • Participants
  • Capacity building
  • Dispute resolution mechanisms
  • Performance measurements